Get Your Cap Clock Today
I want YOU to have a stylish, nostalgic, authentic, re-purposed VW hubcap chronograph. That's a fancy word for clock.


You need yourself a VW cap clock. How awesome would one of these be in your mancave,
your shop, or that "special someone's" bedroom? More awesome than a swimming pool full of beer, THAT'S how awesome!

Get Your Cap Clock Today

Each fully functioning cap clock is made from an actual, authentic VW hubcap. They all have a story.
They saw miles and lived life on the road before deciding to settle down and live a quiet life on your wall.

While I do a good job at cleaning them up, they all have seen drive time in 4 seasons and have the occasional
scuff, ding, rust spot or stain, but this is all part of their provenance and helps tell their story.

Face it, you can go to the local walmart and get a shiny new, plain-jane, boring circle of shame to hang on the wall,
or you can grab some German metal with character and pride to remind you that you still have 6 hours before the wife gets home.

Each of these stylish, highly desirable chronographs (again, that means clock) measures almost 6"
across and comes with 1 AA battery to get you started on your new time-keeping adventure.

And it's SUPER AFFORDABLE - I'll send you one using priority mail and tracking number for a mere 34.95.
Yep, that's the total price - SHIPPING INCLUDED. You can't beat that deal with the entire LA police force!

Make your wall more awesome now:

Get Your Cap Clock Today   Get Your Cap Clock Today   Get Your Cap Clock Today

Your clock is guaranteed to work. If any problems, email me at

Cap Clocks
107 Bobs Ln
Falls PA 18615


Get Your Cap Clock Today